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The Chipping Sparrow

Posted on January 21, 2017 at 6:00 AM

Give Freely

If you give happiness to others you will never be alone,

happiness will be yours also, knowing that you have

made someone happy.


"A :) Smile a  :roll: Well Done  a  8) Gentle Touch

when freely given is like the touch of the Chippy Bird flying by. "

We can find a real life set of the particular sort of caring people in AA if we look for them.

Is it their God given personality or is it the result of working the twelve steps or is it both?

If I reject the help I need because of being selfish, greedy and feeling too unimportant or too important for AA, I stay sick, not neccesarily sicker, just not better.  

The reason for getting better is not so obvious. 

As it is, we end up in AA, not usually by choice, but for the reason of being out of control, out of it, out of people's good graces, outside.  It's not so good being on the outside.  So I arrive in AA and one of the first things I hear is "All are welcome". The catch, to be welcome for a continous amount of time and be welcome in society at large, I have to get better. 

I can not coast by on my good looks, my out of it personality or my continuous days of sobriety.

For today, I will be unafraid of alcoholics, normal people or me but will still fear horses, heights and scary clowns.

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